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Compliance Services Inc. (CSI) is a California based company that has been providing pipeline compliance services for 15 years. CSI specializes pipeline written programs (OQ, O&M, IMP), online OQ training, web based management systems, technical field services, Geographic Information Systems, and regulatory audit plus client representation.

CSI has clients located in California, Kansas, Louisiana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah. CSI clients currently have hundreds of miles of regulated pipelines in operation.

CSI has developed and written Operator Qualifications (OQ), Operation & Maintenance (O&M) and Integrity Management (IMP) programs for over 60 clients. This includes both private sector companies as well as utilities. CSI also provides annual updates and consultation to all of our clients. This ensures their OQ, O&M and IMP programs meet ongoing regulatory changes and incorporates the latest in best management practices.

CSI and its clients have been involved in over 50 successful regulatory audits. Our written programs have been vetted by the Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, California State Fire Marshal and many other State agencies.


Photo of Andy Andy Bradfield is the President and owner of the Compliance Services Inc. (CSI). Prior to starting CSI Andy spent 6 years in the nuclear Navy and then 20 years in the oil/gas and pipeline industry working for Shell Production/Aera Energy (10 years pipeline specific expertise). Andy started CSI 15 years ago. Andy has over 25 years experience in the pipeline industry and has expertise in managing Operator Qualification Programs, Operations & Maintenance Programs and Integrity Management Programs.

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