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Compliance Services Inc. (CS Inc) is a California based company that has provided pipeline compliance services for over 15 years. CS Inc formerly offered services for pipeline written programs, technical field services, and audit support, but is currently focused solely on providing online training and database systems.

Our online training includes courses for DOT Pipeline Operator Qualification, OSHA Safety, Hazwoper, Hazmat Transportation, Control Room Mangement, and Fatigue. We periodically update our training to reflect changes in regulations. We can also publish your company's custom training materials to our online training.

Our database offerings include Compliance Tracking, Maintenance & Work Orders, Incident Reporting, Management of Change, Auditing, and more. We strive to continually improve our systems by implementing changes and new features that will benefit our users. We can also help ease the transition from other systems by setting up custom data imports that will get you up and running quickly.

Even though our database systems were designed primarily for the oil & gas industry, we are able to customize them for any industry and have done so for our clients in agriculture. Any industry that deals with regulatory compliance, incident reporting, equipment maintenance, self-auditing, management of change, or online training could benefit from our systems.

While CS Inc no longer offers written programs and audit support, we work closely with Dick Brown's Technical Service and Energy Project Solutions LLC who provide these services.


Photo of Kyle Kyle Bradfield is the president and owner of Compliance Services Inc. Kyle started tinkering with DOS computers in elementary school. During high school, Kyle got his first job developing animated educational materials for the school district. These skills transferred over to CS Inc, which started offering online training for pipeline operators. Kyle went on to earn a bachelor's degree in computer science and started building database systems for CS Inc in 2009. Over the years, Kyle has gained experience in networking, server and database administration, cloud computing, and web development.

Photo of Andy Andy Bradfield was the founder of Compliance Services Inc and is currently serving as the Director of Marketing and Compliance. Prior to starting CS Inc, Andy spent 6 years in the nuclear Navy and then 20 years in the oil/gas and pipeline industry working for Shell Production/Aera Energy (10 years pipeline specific expertise). Andy has over 25 years experience in the pipeline industry and has expertise in managing Operator Qualification Programs, Operations & Maintenance Programs and Integrity Management Programs.